Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce #MemberMonday

For this week’s #MemberMonday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with James Dietrick, the owner of #HigherGroundChiropractic. You can visit their website at Higher Ground Chiropractic or you can visit their new office location at 670 Gregory Lane, Suite C, Pleasant Hill, CA or give them a call at 925-395-0252.

James has owned his own practice for over three years now and has a true passion for helping his patients feel the best they possibly can. He got into the chiropractic business due to his experience as a young boy with back pain. He recalled living with constant pain and not being able to find a solution to alleviate his discomfort. It wasn’t until he began to visit a chiropractor that he started to notice his pain subside. He continued with the treatment and eventually had a complete turn-around to the constant pain he was in. He became a true believer at that time and knew he wanted to help others with chronic pain.

His practice doesn’t just help those with #backpain. He can manage most of the body’s discomforts through chiropractic care. He specializes in helping those with plantar fasciitis which can be a very troublesome condition to live with. He can also address issues such as #shinsplints, #frozenshoulder, #kneepain, #neckpain, #tenniselbow just to name a few. Chiropractic care emcompasses not just adjustments but lifestyle changes, exercise options, and water intake, that helps support the extended benefits of #chiropracticcare, and #nutrition support. It’s an overall way of life that addresses mind, body and spirit. Dr. James has a blog on his website that can give you all kinds of information and ideas to create a lifestyle that supports good health. He has a new #disc #compression table coming soon that will provide some amazing results for those with #chronic back pain.

James grew up in #ContraCostaCounty and went to chiropractic school in #Hayward. He has been a #PleasantHill resident for over 10 years. He is married, has a son and loves to spend time with his #family. He is one of five kids. One of the reasons he joined the #Chamber was to be more involved in his #community and give back. He has made some valuable #relationships by being involved in the Chamber. His #power #partners would be private investigation attorneys, massage therapists and gym owners.

If James could go anywhere in the world, he would choose #Roatan, an island in #Honduras as they have some of the most amazing #scubadiving and that is one of his #passions. James also loves to go #camping and spend time with his beloved #pets; a #rottweiler and a #springerspaniel mix. James loves all types of food but #sushi is his favorite. He mostly reads to keep up-to-date with chiropractic care and learning and doesn’t have much time to read for pleasure. Growing up his favorite book was Where the Red Fern Grows. In fact it is still a favorite book of his to read as he mentioned it had been a while since he read it. It’s funny how books, music, movies can bring us back to a place in time. James wasn’t exactly sure of his very first album ever purchased but did venture a guess it was #AC/DC or something from that genre.

It was a pleasure to sit down with James and learn more about his business as well as get to know him more on a personal level. He is a very approachable man that cares deeply about the well being of others. His mission in his company as well as is his life is the power of the spine and the health and wellness of protecting it and caring for it. He feels it’s important to be a part of your community and he brings his passion for helping people feel better to the community we live in.

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