The Benefits of Yoga to Your Spine

When most people think of yoga they tend to think of relaxation, meditation and stretching, but did you know that yoga can do so much more? Yoga helps to reduce inflammation, it can reduce chronic pain, improves your flexibility and balance, helps to relieve migraines, helps to promote better sleep and can improve your heart health just to name a few.

Inflammation can wreak havoc on your body, especially on your spine. Even though inflammation is a normal response, chronic inflammation can develop into diabetes, heart disease or even cancer. Multiple studies have been done over the last few years proving that exercise such as yoga helps to reduce inflammation and protects against certain diseases.

On top of inflammation, yoga can help fight chronic pain such as arthritis and carpal tunnel. Who knew a little stretching could help so much.

Healthline wrote a fantastic article by Rachael Link, on how yoga helps your body, including for symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. Don’t just believe what we say, read what the experts on yoga have to say about it too!

Come see your Pleasant Hill Chiropractor, Dr. James Dietrick, to make sure your spine is in alignment for your yoga exercises.


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